Adding Letters-M

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  1. M PLUS 1 LETTER: the abbreviation for the master of ceremonies

  2. M PLUS 2 LETTERS: a planet and a Roman God

  3. M PLUS 3 LETTERS: a word that means not shiny

  4. M PLUS 4 LETTERS: the American word for film

  5. PLUS 5 LETTERS: someone who dies for their beliefs

  6. M PLUS 6 LETTERS: a metal that is often used in thermometers

  7. M PLUS 7 LETTERS: twelve o' clock at night

  8. M PLUS 8 LETTERS: an aeroplane with one set of wings

  9. M PLUS 9 LETTERS: staying the same and therefore boring

  10. M PLUS 10 LETTERS: a thick liquid used to stop skin getting too dry

  11. M PLUS 10 LETTERS: to have doubts about the honesty of someone

  12. M PLUS 9 LETTERS: a stopping of an activity for an agreed time

  13. M PLUS 8 LETTERS: to have someone's attention so that they can't think

  14. M PLUS 7 LETTERS: the longest running race in the Olympics

  15. M PLUS 6 LETTERS: soldiers trained to fight on land, air and sea

  16. M PLUS 5 LETTERS: the unlawful killing of one person by another

  17. M PLUS 4 LETTERS: in the middle or surrounded by

  18. M PLUS 3 LETTERS: a thin fog often found in the early morning

  19. M PLUS 2 LETTERS: earth that has become wet and sticky

  20. M PLUS 1 LETTER: a title used before a woman's family name.

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