Adding Letters-N

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  1. N PLUS 1 LETTER: a negative response

  2. N PLUS 2 LETTERS: at this moment in time

  3. N PLUS 3 LETTERS: a home for birds

  4. N PLUS 4 LETTERS: sound usually loud or unpleasant

  5. N PLUS 5 LETTERS: not covered by clothes

  6. N PLUS 6 LETTERS: nothing or zero

  7. N PLUS 7 LETTERS: to find a direction across

  8. N PLUS 8 LETTERS: something that is needed or required

  9. N PLUS 9 LETTERS: too small to be counted or thought of as important

  10. N PLUS 10 LETTERS: the food needed to grow and be healthy

  11. N PLUS 10 LETTERS: a formal discussion to reach an agreement

  12. N PLUS 9 LETTERS: behaving as if you aren't interested or don't care

  13. N PLUS 8 LETTERS: a bad dream

  14. N PLUS 7 LETTERS: to make feel ill

  15. N PLUS 6 LETTERS: one of the two nose openings

  16. N PLUS 5 LETTERS: a small lump or swelling

  17. N PLUS 4 LETTERS: the daughter of your brother or sister

  18. N PLUS 3 LETTERS: body part between the head and the shoulders

  19. N PLUS 2 LETTERS: to move the head up and down

  20. N PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for near

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