Slang Words Beginning with N

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  1. The police arrested him outside his house.
    a. nicked
    b. noted
    c. nough

  2. Let's have a small drink of brandy before we go to bed.
    a. nip
    b. nose
    c. node

  3. There is no problem and it doesn't matter.
    a. No heat.
    b. No go.
    c. No sweat.

  4. You want me to tell him? I won't do it.
    a. No way.
    b. Not on the way.
    c. Not a way.

  5. He is such a dull and boring person.
    a. nerd
    b. navel
    c. note

  6. This is a bit cold. Can you put it in the microwave and heat it up?
    a. not it
    b. nuke it
    c. near it

  7. She is crazy if she thinks I care.
    a. nude
    b. numb
    c. nuts

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