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  1. A person who makes clothes for a living is called a ___.
    a. plumber
    b. tailor
    c. doctor

  2. He joined the navy because he wanted to be a ___.
    a. florist
    b. miner
    c. sailor

  3. In the winter my pipes froze and I had to call a ___.
    a. priest
    b. plumber
    c. docker

  4. A person who makes bouquets and wreaths is called a ___.
    a. miner
    b. teacher
    c. florist

  5. A ___ broke into their house through an open window.
    a. burglar
    b. diplomat
    c. umpire

  6. The ___ declared that the player was out.
    a. miner
    b. umpire
    c. priest

  7. The people who load and unload ships are called ___.
    a. diplomats
    b. trainees
    c. dockers

  8. A person who makes things out of wood is called a ___.
    a. miner
    b. traitor
    c. carpenter

  9. She was the youngest ___ ever to win an election.
    a. candidate
    b. applicant
    c. trainee

  10. Someone who betrays their country is called a ___.
    a. caretaker
    b. carpenter
    c. traitor

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