One Word -- Two Meanings

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  1. I'm taking a Japanese ___ at the moment.
    I'm going to have fish for my main ___.

  2. He wrote her a ___ before he left.
    She found the top ___ difficult to sing.

  3. It's hot so let's sit in the ___.
    That ___ of red doesn't suit her.

  4. She packed a ___ for the ocean voyage.
    We sat on a fallen tree ___ to rest.

  5. He gave her a beautiful diamond ___ for her birthday.
    ___ me later. I'll be home in an hour.

  6. The ___ look bright tonight.
    Lots of movie ___ live in Hollywood.

  7. He sat on the river ___ to fish.
    I must go to the ___ to get some cash.

  8. The new ___ of the department is a woman.
    He's got a smart ___ on his shoulders.

  9. We always eat there so let's go somewhere else for a ___.
    Can you ___ this money into coins?

  10. He ___ the ball with one hand.
    The house ___ fire when the cigarette fell from the ashtray.

Copyright (C) 1998 by Letitia Bradley
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