Adding Letters-O

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  1. O PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation meaning too much of something

  2. O PLUS 2 LETTERS: the opposite of on

  3. O PLUS 3 LETTERS: a thick liquid passing through a small opening

  4. O PLUS 4 LETTERS: a drama with music where the words are sung

  5. O PLUS 5 LETTERS: glass which doesn't allow light to pass through

  6. O PLUS 6 LETTERS: the chief facts or points

  7. O PLUS 7 LETTERS: working after the usual hours

  8. O PLUS 8 LETTERS: on the edge of town

  9. O PLUS 9 LETTERS: a promise or duty

  10. O PLUS 10 LETTERS: something that blocks the way

  11. O PLUS 10 LETTERS: the act of watching, to see what happens

  12. O PLUS 9 LETTERS: another word for your type of work

  13. O PLUS 8 LETTERS: the children of

  14. O PLUS 7 LETTERS: normal or usually

  15. O PLUS 6 LETTERS: a persons way of looking at things

  16. O PLUS 5 LETTERS: a child who has lost both parents

  17. O PLUS 4 LETTERS: the path followed by a planet or spaceship

  18. O PLUS 3 LETTERS: responsibility for

  19. O PLUS 2 LETTERS: to be in debt

  20. O PLUS 1 LETTER: a unit of dry weight

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