Place Names

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  1. If you want to see monkeys, lions, tigers and bears, you would go to the ___.

  2. A place where famous paintings and sculptures are kept and displayed to the public is called an ___

  3. The building where you can go and watch the latest blockbuster film is called a ___.

  4. A place where you can go to see many different kinds of fish swimming is called an ___.

  5. If you want to watch a basketball game or a soccer match, you would go to a ___.

  6. A place which serves drinks such as beer and whiskey and where people go to relax and meet friends is called a ___.

  7. The place where rock musicians and orchestras play is called a ___.

  8. The place to go if you want to ride on a roller coaster or drive bumper cars is called an ___.

  9. A place where you can arrange loans, keep your money in an account which receives interest is called a ___.

  10. A place where you can buy stamps, post letters and pay some bills is called a ___.

  11. A place where you go to book holidays and buy train tickets is called a ___.

  12. If you need to arrange a burial, you would go to a ___.

  13. Dirty clothes which can't be washed at home are taken to a ___.

  14. If you have a burst pipe or a leaking tap, you need to call a ___.

  15. If you don't have a job but are looking for one, you might go to an ___.

  16. If you want to hire a lawyer or draw up a will, you would go to a ___.

  17. If you want to sell your house, buy a new one, or rent a place to live for a while, you would go to a ___.

  18. If your clothes need washing, but you don't have a washing machine, you would go to a ___.

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