Slang Words Beginning with P

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  1. This is a great place to live.
    a. pal
    b. pad
    c. pail

  2. He is such a difficult and annoying person.
    a. peach
    b. palm
    c. pain in the neck

  3. Get your hands off me.
    a. pole
    b. paws
    c. pagoda

  4. It was cheap.
    a. peanuts
    b. papaw
    c. parallel

  5. She drank so much beer that she is really drunk.
    a. pickled
    b. parked
    c. paraded

  6. It's really easy to do.
    a. a pear
    b. a peel
    c. a piece of cake

  7. No wonder you are overweight. You always overeat.
    a. pig-out
    b. perform
    c. peter out

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