Phrasal Verbs - Crime

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  1. To get into a building or car using force is to ___.

    a. break out
    b. break down
    c. break in

  2. To steal money from a bank by using force is a ___.

    a. hold in
    b. hold down
    c. hold up

  3. To steal or take something without asking is to ___.

    a. run off with
    b. do without
    c. do over

  4. To hurt someone badly by hitting or kicking is to ___.

    a. pull them over
    b. beat them up
    c. put one over

  5. To kill someone in informal English is to ___ with them.

    a. do away
    b. have away
    c. stay

  6. To destroy something with a bomb is to ___.

    a. beat it up
    b. blow it up
    c. knock it over

  7. To take a criminal to the police is to ___.

    a. turn them over
    b. turn them in
    c. turn them down

  8. To put someone in prison is to ___.

    a. lock them up
    b. do them in
    c. blow them up

  9. To not punish someone for their crime is to ___.

    a. give them over
    b. let them off
    c. put them away

  10. To succeed in not being punished for a crime is to ___ it

    a. get away with
    b. make off with
    c. pick through

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