Phrasal Verbs - Emotions

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  1. To make someone unhappy is to ___.

    a. get over them
    b. get on with them
    c. get them down

  2. To make someone feel upset or angry is to ___.

    a. jump them
    b. get to them
    c. do them in

  3. To make someone feel good is to __.

    a. perk them up
    b. peep them in
    c. rack them up

  4. To stop feeling upset or angry about something is to ___.

    a. clam up
    b. wash out
    c. calm down

  5. To be so excited that you lose control is to get ___.

    a. carried away
    b. carried off
    c. carried over

  6. To start behaving in a violent or strange way is to ___.

    a. liven up
    b. freak out
    c. throw out

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