Phrasal Verbs - Food and Drink

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  1. To eat food very quickly is to ___.

    a. bolt it down
    b. pig out
    c. whip it up

  2. If you only eat a small amount of a meal, you ___.

    a. gnaw it
    b. bolt it down
    c. pick at it

  3. To eat a lot of food is to ___.

    a. pig out
    b. roll out
    c. wear out

  4. To eat less of something to improve your health is to ___ on it.

    a. strip down
    b. cut back
    c. run

  5. To drink a lot of alcohol is to ___.

    a. knock it over
    b. knock it in
    c. knock it back

  6. To heat food again that has already been cooked is to ___.

    a. ruffle it up
    b. warm it up
    c. pick it up

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