Phrasal Verbs - Illness

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  1. To get an illness from someone is to ___.

    a. pick it up
    b. truck it in
    c. take it away

  2. To try hard to get rid of an illness is to ___.

    a. tide it over
    b. cave in
    c. fight it off

  3. If a part of your body gets bigger and rounder because of injury or illness it ___.

    a. comes out
    b. kicks in
    c. swells up

  4. Another expression for vomiting is to ___.

    a. throw up
    b. toss out
    c. pass out

  5. To be able to eat or drink without vomiting is to ___.

    a. keep it down
    b. get over it
    c. dip into

  6. To become unconscious is to ___.

    a. go out
    b. black out
    c. knock over

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