Phrasal Verbs - Speaking

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  1. If you speak for a long time, you ___.

    a. get on
    b. go on
    c. edge on

  2. If you talk too long on one subject, you ___.

    a. run out
    b. run over
    c. run on

  3. Another way to say this is ___.

    a. tread on
    b. unwind
    c. ramble on

  4. If you say something you have learned quickly and without stopping, you ___.

    a. knock down
    b. rattle off
    c. rabbit on

  5. An informal word that means the same is to ___.

    a. reel off
    b. rope off
    c. tie off

  6. To say something while another person is talking is to ___.

    a. butt in
    b. figure out
    c. go over

  7. To say something suddenly and without thinking is to ___.

    a. ease up
    b. rub in
    c. blurt out

  8. To make someone stop talking is to ___.

    a. shut up
    b. shut out
    c. shut in

  9. To speak to someone without letting them answer is to ___.

    a. talk over
    b. talk at
    c. talk to

  10. To suddenly stop talking in the middle of a speech because you have forgotten what to say it to ___.

    a. wipe out
    b. dry up
    c. go over.

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