Phrasal Verbs - Thinking

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  1. To think carefully about an idea before making a decision is to ___.

    a. figure out
    b. think over
    c. chip in

  2. To think of a suggestion, a solution or plan is to ___.

    a. come up with
    b. come out with
    c. come over

  3. To think about something that has happened is to ___.

    a. run over
    b. go over
    c. go with

  4. To create an idea, or plan using your imagination is to ___.

    a. work out
    b. think over
    c. think up

  5. To stop yourself from thinking about something is to ___.

    a. think it out
    b. bring it out
    c. shut it out

  6. To think of a very imaginative and not really possible plan is to ___.

    a. dream it up
    b. go over it
    c. come out with

  7. To think about an idea, but not seriously is to ___.

    a. toy with it
    b. dream about it
    c. work it out

  8. To find the answer to something through deep thinking is ___.

    a. think it up
    b. figure it out
    c. play with it

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