Phrasal Verbs - Travel

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  1. To go on holiday especially because you need a rest is to ___.

    a. get over
    b. go off
    c. get away

  2. To show your ticket and get your seat at the airport is to ___.

    a. check out
    b. check off
    c. check in

  3. When the aircraft leaves the ground it ___.

    a. takes off
    b. takes over
    c. takes in

  4. To start on a journey is to ___.

    a. set in
    b. set by
    c. set off

  5. The time a train, bus or plane arrives is when it ___.

    a. gets away
    b. gets in
    c. gets over

  6. To visit somewhere for a short time when you are going somewhere is to ___.

    a. stop off
    b. stop away
    c. stop on

  7. To stay somewhere for a length of time when you are on a long journey is to ___.

    a. stop by
    b. stop over
    c. stop on

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