Adding Letters-Q

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  1. Q PLUS 1 LETTER: from Latin meaning that which should also be looked at

  2. Q PLUS 2 LETTERS: from Latin meaning that which had to be proven

  3. Q PLUS 3 LETTERS: abbreviation used to mean four

  4. Q PLUS 4 LETTERS: fast

  5. Q PLUS 5 LETTERS: the number of people needed for a meeting

  6. Q PLUS 6 LETTERS: one forth of something

  7. Q PLUS 7 LETTERS: a soft, wet, boggy area

  8. Q PLUS 8 LETTERS: a set of words repeated or written

  9. Q PLUS 9 LETTERS: to separate out, in case of infectious disease

  10. Q PLUS 10 LETTERS: another name for the metal Mercury

  11. Q PLUS 10 LETTERS: quick tempered

  12. Q PLUS 9 LETTERS: one of five children

  13. Q PLUS 8 LETTERS: loose, wet, deep dangerous sand

  14. Q PLUS 7 LETTERS: a sentence that needs an answer

  15. Q PLUS 6 LETTERS: argue over small points

  16. Q PLUS 5 LETTERS: attractive, because it is old fashioned

  17. Q PLUS 4 LETTERS: feeling of doubt

  18. Q PLUS 3 LETTERS: a test of knowledge

  19. Q PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for quality control

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