Adding Letters-R

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  1. R PLUS 1 LETTER: the abbreviation for road

  2. R PLUS 2 LETTERS: a stick or a pole to fish with

  3. R PLUS 3 LETTERS: your backside or to raise

  4. R PLUS 4 LETTERS: butter that has gone bad

  5. R PLUS 5 LETTERS: to talk without making sense

  6. R PLUS 6 LETTERS: train tracks

  7. R PLUS 7 LETTERS: this group includes alligators and lizards

  8. R PLUS 8 LETTERS: to suggest that someone would be suitable

  9. R PLUS 9 LETTERS: a merry go round at a fairground

  10. R PLUS 10 LETTERS: to officially request or take

  11. R PLUS 10 LETTERS: doubt about agreeing to something

  12. R PLUS 9 LETTERS: a container used for storing things in

  13. R PLUS 8 LETTERS: no longer needed or useful

  14. R PLUS 7 LETTERS: a state that has no King or Queen

  15. R PLUS 6 LETTERS: a word that means garbage in British English

  16. R PLUS 5 LETTERS: the fruit of the vine that has been dried.

  17. R PLUS 4 LETTERS: a word that means quick

  18. R PLUS 3 LETTERS: the outside of a cheese or the peel of an orange

  19. R PLUS 2 LETTERS: the colour said to anger bulls

  20. R PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for recreational vehicle

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