Slang Words Beginning with R

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  1. There really isn't any news in this newspaper anymore.
    a. road
    b. rear
    c. rag

  2. I wish they didn't make such a lot of noise this late at night.
    a. race
    b. rail
    c. racket

  3. He got a lot of points the last round.
    a. racked up
    b. rained
    c. read

  4. The business is doing very well and they are really making a lot of money,
    a. running it over
    b. raking it in
    c. right here

  5. The weather is really cold and harsh at this time of year.
    a. red
    b. raw
    c. ripe

  6. Let's go to the beach and get some sunshine.
    a. rays
    b. root
    c. rage

  7. This is very important so make sure you give it to him right away.
    a. red nose
    b. red hot
    c. run over

  8. She is so young and innocent. It is no wonder she got exploited.
    a. ripped-off
    b. roped-in
    c. rounded-up

  9. Did you see the size of the diamond on her finger?
    a. rig
    b. rock
    c. roast

  10. He has got diarrhea.
    a. the rises
    b. the rookies
    c. the runs

  11. He has two young children running around his house.
    a. rug rats
    b. riddles
    c. rolls

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