Adding Letters-S

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  1. S PLUS 1 LETTER: a musical note

  2. S PLUS 2 LETTERS: not happy

  3. S PLUS 3 LETTERS: a herb or a wise person

  4. S PLUS 4 LETTERS: the hard outside of an egg

  5. S PLUS 5 LETTERS: where water wells up from the ground

  6. S PLUS 6 LETTERS: meat stuffed into a gut bag and fried

  7. S PLUS 7 LETTERS: used to cut hair, and paper

  8. S PLUS 8 LETTERS: a ship designed to travel underwater

  9. S PLUS 9 LETTERS: an expert in a narrow area of study

  10. S PLUS 10 LETTERS: a big place to buy food

  11. S PLUS 10 LETTERS: to make sure things happen at the same time

  12. PLUS 9 LETTERS: having a feeling that something is wrong

  13. S PLUS 8 LETTERS: a deadlock in chess

  14. S PLUS 7 LETTERS: to burn and smoke but without flame

  15. S PLUS 6 LETTERS: biology, chemistry and physics

  16. S PLUS 5 LETTERS: one sixtieth of a minute

  17. S PLUS 4 LETTERS: the opposite of blunt

  18. S PLUS 3 LETTERS: a place to sit

  19. S PLUS 2 LETTERS: a secret agent

  20. S PLUS 1 LETTERS: the abbreviation for senior

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