Sports Words

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  1. He went to play at the golf ___.
    a. track
    b. court
    c. course

  2. She goes to the pool to swim ___.
    a. rounds
    b. courses
    c. laps

  3. The Olympics are ___ every four years.
    a. held
    b. made
    c. taken

  4. She lost the match because a string broke in her ___.
    a. club
    b. racket
    c. stick

  5. Some athletes are ___ because of drug testing.
    a. lost
    b. disqualified
    c. reserved

  6. Soccer is played on a ___.
    a. course
    b. track
    c. field

  7. If you don't warm up properly, you could ___ a muscle.
    a. push
    b. hit
    c. pull

  8. The race was very close. He won ___ 1/300th of a second.
    a. by
    b. at
    c. in

  9. The soccer player kicked the ball into the ___.
    a. wicket
    b. basket
    c. net

  10. He ___ the winning basket in the last few seconds of the game.
    a. won
    b. scored
    c. beat

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