Slang Words Beginning with S

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  1. He was dismissed from work yesterday.
    a. sold
    b. snatched
    c. sacked

  2. There is always some kind of swindle going on over there.
    a. swift
    b. sweet
    c. scam

  3. I wish they wouldn't just rush in, eat really quickly, and then leave.
    a. snippet
    b. stop it up
    c. scarf it down

  4. Tom is trying hard to succeed in buying some hash.
    a. single
    b. score
    c. store

  5. Nobody is interested so let's just cancel the whole thing.
    a. scratch
    b. sell
    c. surf

  6. I don't know why she likes him. He's so dirty and unkept.
    a. simple
    b. scruffy
    c. sharp

  7. That band plays some excellent tunes, you know.
    a. serious
    b. showy
    c. sick

  8. Wow, those are really cool sunglasses.
    a. slits
    b. slides
    c. shades

  9. Go on and have another try.
    a. spade
    b. shot
    c. stick

  10. They all criticized me, but it wasn't my fault.
    a. slammed
    b. shaded
    c. shot

  11. I'm not going to a horrible and dirty place like that.
    a. sleazebag
    b. solid
    c. sober

  12. Look at the time! We should leave.
    a. speak
    b. split
    c. stalk

  13. He comes from a very old-fashioned family.
    a. shrill
    b. shody
    c. square

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