Slang Words Beginning with T

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  1. The stolen car has New York license plates.
    a. tags
    b. ticks
    c. togs

  2. The whole city was completely destroyed in the war.
    a. taped
    b. tapestry
    c. taken out

  3. I'll be there in just a few seconds.
    a. tick
    b. tale
    c. tea

  4. Mum was really angry with me last night.
    a. toy
    b. ticked-off
    c. tramp

  5. He completely wrecked the car last night.
    a. transplanted
    b. totalled
    c. tricked

  6. You really should throw out most of this stuff.
    a. track
    b. tame
    c. trash

  7. There's nothing on the television tonight.
    a. tax
    b. tube
    c. time

  8. His breath is totally repellant.
    a. a turnoff
    b. a takeoff
    c. a tangle.

  9. I can't believe she was dating someone else when she was still my girlfriend.
    a. tainting
    b. two-timing
    c. telling

  10. Why are all the men at school such fools.
    a. twits
    b. tins
    c. tanks

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