United Kingdom Trivia

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  1. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are ___ from the U.K.
    a. both
    b. all

  2. London is ___ capital city.
    a. a
    b. the

  3. Most London buses ___ postboxes are painted red.
    a. and
    b. or

  4. The London underground is ___ commonly called "The Tube".
    a. more
    b. less

  5. The unit ___ currency is called the pound.
    a. for
    b. of

  6. ___ are 100 pence in a pound.
    a. There
    b. They

  7. The cost of ___ a phone call starts from 10 pence.
    a. calling
    b. making

  8. Everybody speaks English, but Welsh and Gaelic are also ___ in parts of the U.K.
    a. speak
    b. spoken

  9. Rugby, cricket and football are ___ national sports
    a. all
    b. both

  10. However in summer tennis is popular, especially ___ the time of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
    a. around
    b. over

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