Adding Letters-U

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  1. U plus 1 letter : the opposite of down

  2. U plus 2 letters : to put into action

  3. U plus 3 letters: very unattractive

  4. U plus 4 letters: a rough diamond

  5. U plus 5 letters: the referee at tennis

  6. U plus 6 letters: school clothes for children

  7. U plus 7 letters: stars, galaxies, everything

  8. U plus 8 letters: to exist everywhere

  9. U plus 9 letters: to be below something

  10. U plus 10 letters: not worried

  11. U plus 10 letters: too shocking to be imagined

  12. U plus 9 letters: to work secretly

  13. U plus 8 letters not sure of

  14. U plus 7 letters: it is sometimes called a "brolly"

  15. U plus 6 letters: clothes suitable for both men and women

  16. U plus 5 letters: the plant discovered by Herschel in 1781

  17. U plus 4 letters: the opposite of rural

  18. U plus 3 letters: the tongue spoken by most Muslims

  19. U plus 2 letters: a type of vase

  20. U plus 1 letter: not them

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