Slang Words Beginning with U and V

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  1. I've told him many, many times not to do that.
    a. untimely
    b. ugly
    c. umpteen

  2. They often try to increase the price if you can't speak the language.
    a. up
    b. use
    c. unit

  3. It's still available, if you want it.
    a. unique
    b. up for grabs
    c. united

  4. It costs $2,000 in advance.
    a. unknown
    b. up front
    c. unmoved

  5. She is such an anxious woman.
    a. uptight
    b. urban
    c. uniform

  6. Let's stop work and relax this weekend.
    a. vent
    b. veg
    c. vary

  7. I get bad feelings about him.
    a. vibes
    b. valuables
    c. vitals

  8. This is a great meal. I can't believe you made it.
    a. vulgar
    b. vicious
    c. volcanic

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