Adding Letters-V

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  1. V PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation meaning the vice president

  2. V PLUS 2 LETTERS: abbreviation for an very important person

  3. V PLUS 3 LETTERS: the promises made at a wedding

  4. V PLUS 4 LETTERS: a sign of the zodiac

  5. V PLUS 5 LETTERS: the winner

  6. V PLUS 6 LETTERS: a hard, shiny, surface coating

  7. V PLUS 7 LETTERS: the rate of speed

  8. V PLUS 8 LETTERS: a person who offers to do something

  9. V PLUS 9 LETTERS: the words that makeup a language

  10. V PLUS 10 LETTERS: an oil and vinegar dressing

  11. V PLUS 10 LETTERS: the study of volcanoes

  12. V PLUS 9 LETTERS: an animal doctor

  13. V PLUS 8 LETTERS: process to decide the worth of something

  14. V PLUS 7 LETTERS: at 90 degrees to the Earths surface

  15. V PLUS 6 LETTERS: a flavouring substance used in baking

  16. V PLUS 5 LETTERS: to suddenly disappear

  17. V PLUS 4 LETTERS: an underground room or cellar

  18. V PLUS 3 LETTERS: nothing or not valid

  19. V PLUS 2 LETTERS: vehicle for carrying of delivering goods

  20. V PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for a sexual diseases

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