Adding Letters-W

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  1. W PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for weight

  2. W PLUS 2 LETTERS: looking ill or tired

  3. W PLUS 3 LETTERS: to walk with effort through mud or water

  4. W PLUS 4 LETTERS: to have and to use e.g. power or an axe

  5. W PLUS 5 LETTERS: to delay or get diverted, or to rob someone

  6. W PLUS 6 LETTERS: to talk in a very low or quiet voice

  7. W PLUS 7 LETTERS: a cupboard for clothes

  8. W PLUS 8 LETTERS: another word for troublesome

  9. W PLUS 9 LETTERS: a strong desire to travel

  10. W PLUS 9 LETTERS: uncultivated expanse of land

  11. W PLUS 8 LETTERS: to hold out against pressure

  12. W PLUS 7 LETTERS: miserable or of poor quality

  13. W PLUS 6 LETTERS: a man who is stays single after his wife's death

  14. W PLUS 5 LETTERS: quick, short side to side movements

  15. W PLUS 4 LETTERS: a machine to hoist or pull

  16. W PLUS 3 LETTERS: a unit of electrical power

  17. W PLUS 2 LETTERS: papers or banknotes folded or rolled together

  18. W PLUS 1 LETTER: abbreviation for a week

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