Slang Words Beginning with W

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  1. It looks like he's got a lot of money in his pocket.
    a. wand
    b. wish
    c. wad

  2. That was an easy victory. I thought it would be harder.
    a. a walkover
    b. a wander
    c. a white-out

  3. Gosh, I was really drunk last night. What did I have?
    a. wasted
    b. wrinkled
    c. wilting

  4. Hello, Tom. What's been happening lately?
    a. What's in?
    b. What's next?
    c. What's up?

  5. He's very talented when it comes to computers.
    a. a worm
    b. a whiz
    c. a wood

  6. Those are great shoes. Where did you get them.
    a. windy
    b. wicked
    c. worthless

  7. Don't be such a weak and inept person.
    a. wimp
    b. wretch
    c. witch

  8. I hadn't expected them today, so I ended up improvising.
    a. willing it
    b. worshipping
    c. winging it

  9. He's really nervous about the exam.
    a. wet
    b. wide
    c. wired

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