Slang Words Beginning with Y and Z

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  1. That colour is really horrible on you.
    a. yodel
    b. yukky
    c. youthful

  2. She always gives me a hard time.
    a. yields to me
    b. yick and yacks
    c. yanks me around

  3. He's not British, you know. He's an American.
    a. a yo-yo
    b. a yahoo
    c. a yank

  4. Can we rest? I'm too exhausted to go on.
    a. zapped
    b. zoomed
    c. zealous

  5. Since he did that, he's a nobody around here.
    a. zero
    b. zap
    c. zombie

  6. Oh no, not another pimple!
    a. zillion
    b. zoo
    c. zit

Copyright (C) 1997 by Letitia Bradley
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