Adverb Clauses - Conditional Meanings

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  1. I will be at my friend's house in ___ call me.
    a. case you should need to
    b. case you should need
    c. which you should need to
    d. that you should need to

  2. ___ enough time, I exercise every day.
    a. Had I
    b. Whereas I have
    c. If have I
    d. If I have

  3. In the event that you should fail the first writing assignment for this class, I ___ you one more week to revise.
    a. would give
    b. will give
    c. will have given
    d. give

  4. John would exercise more ___ time.
    a. have he more
    b. because he more had
    c. if he had more
    d. if he had many

  5. Even___, I'm going to Newport Beach.
    a. the weather is cold
    b. if the weather cold is
    c. if the weather is cold
    d. if the cold weather is

  6. If John had had more time, he ___ the report.
    a. will have finished
    b. would have finished
    c. would finish
    d. would have finish

  7. I will go swimming tomorrow ___.
    a. because it is too cold
    b. unless it is too cold
    c. unless too cold it is
    d. unless it too is cold

  8. ___, I always get a headache in the afternoon.
    a. If I skip breakfast and lunch
    b. If I breakfast and lunch skip
    c. Skip I breakfast and lunch
    d. If to skip breakfast and lunch

  9. Only if it rains continuously for three hours ___ the baseball game.
    a. the officials will cancel
    b. will cancel the officials
    c. will the officials cancel
    d. the officials cancel

  10. ___, I wouldn't give so many tests.
    a. Was I teaching this class
    b. If I were this class teaching
    c. If I were teaching this class
    d. If I was teaching this class

  11. If anyone shoplifts in Walmart, ___ to the fullest extent of the law.
    a. they will be prosecuted
    b. he/she will prosecuted
    c. he/she will be prosecute
    d. he/she will be prosecuted

  12. I would have helped John ___ me about his problem.
    a. if had he told
    b. if he had tell
    c. had he told
    d. told he

  13. ___, I will post all urgent phone numbers on the refrigerator.
    a. In which case you have an emergency while I am gone
    b. In that you have an emergency while I am gone
    c. In case you have an emergency while I am gone
    d. You have an emergency while I am gone In case

  14. ___ right now, I would go out for a walk.
    a. Were it not raining
    b. Was it not raining
    c. If it was not raining
    d. Were it not rain

  15. The police officers are ready to come to your house in the event that your ex-husband should violate the restraining order ___ you have filed against him.
    a. in which
    b. who
    c. that
    d. what

  16. If she had not been in the liquor store at approximately 3:50 pm, ___ been murdered.
    a. she will not have
    b. she would not have
    c. in which case she would not have
    d. she would not

  17. You cannot study at this university ___ you have an F-1 Visa.
    a. unless
    b. despite
    c. which.
    d. that

  18. If I ___ truth about his ex-wife, he would not be so angry now.
    a. initially told Jim the
    b. have initially told Jim the
    c. had initially told Jim
    d. had initially told Jim the

  19. I will exercise whether ___.
    a. it rain or not
    b. rains or not
    c. it rains or not
    d. it rains

  20. She studied all night to prepare; ___ the test.
    a. otherwise; she would have failed
    b. otherwise, she would fail
    c. otherwise, she will have failed
    d. otherwise, she would have failed

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