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  1. Texas is ___ second largest state in the USA.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the

  2. The Alamo is ___ historical site in San Antonio.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. great

  3. Many Texans like to ___ "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You," which is the fight song of the University of Texas.
    a. sings
    b. is singing
    c. sing
    d. sang
    e. has sung

  4. Texas separated from Mexico and declared ___ an independent country in 1836.
    a. hisself
    b. itself
    c. himself

  5. Sam Houston ___ the first president of the Republic of Texas.
    a. elected
    b. was electing
    c. is elected
    d. was elected
    e. has elected

  6. Lake Fork is the best lake for ___ large mouth bass.
    a. catch
    b. to catch
    c. catching
    d. catches

  7. Pecan pie is very popular ___ Texans.
    a. for
    b. to
    c. among

  8. The mockingbird, which is the state bird, ___ all over the state.
    a. could see
    b. can be seen
    c. can be saw

  9. Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower, grow ___ beside state highways.
    a. wildly
    b. wild
    c. wildness

  10. "Texas, Our Texas" is ___ state song.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the

  11. There are ___ armadillos living in Texas.
    a. the
    b. many
    c. an
    d. a

  12. The state flag is called the "Lone Star Flag" ___ it has a single white star in the upper left corner.
    a. which
    b. that
    c. because

  13. Some popular foods in Texas are ___, tacos, and chili.
    a. barbie-q
    b. barbecue
    c. barbe-q

  14. J. R. Ewing, a popular character on the TV show "Dallas", ___ by Larry Hagman.
    a. plays
    b. played
    c. was played
    d. is playing

  15. Not every Texan has an oil well in ___ backyard.
    a. his
    b. their
    c. your
    d. our

  16. A popular saying is "Everything is ___ in Texas."
    a. more big
    b. bigger
    c. biggest

  17. Six Flags Over Texas ___ an amusement park near Dallas.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. be

  18. Galveston and Corpus Christi ___ Texas cities along the Gulf coast.
    a. am
    b. is
    c. are

  19. The city of Houston is named ___ the famous Texan Sam Houston.
    a. as
    b. after
    c. before

  20. Texans often ___ "Howdy, y'all" as a greeting.
    a. say
    b. says
    c. tell

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