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  1. Where does a receptionist work?
    a. post office
    b. bakery
    c. office

  2. Where does a cashier work?
    a. school
    b. supermarket
    c. police station

  3. Where does a headmaster work?
    a. school
    b. office
    c. butchers

  4. Where does a Chief Constable work?
    a. bus station
    b. hospital
    c. police station

  5. Where does a porter work?
    a. bakery
    b. hotel
    c. school

  6. Where does a manager work?
    a. police station
    b. park
    c. office

  7. Where does a pilot work?
    a. airplane
    b. train station
    c. restaurant

  8. Where does a busboy work?
    a. bus
    b. restaurant
    c. airplane

  9. Where does an actress work?
    a. cinema
    b. theatre
    c. sports centre

  10. Where does an artist work?
    a. restaurant
    b. cinema
    c. studio

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