Valentine's Day Quiz

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  1. Valentine's Day is___ on February 14th.
    a. rehearsed
    b. celebrated
    c. held

  2. This is a popular day for___ to get engaged.
    a. enemies
    b. spouses
    c. sweethearts

  3. Flowers and chocolates are___ popular presents to give.
    a. neither
    b. either
    c. both

  4. It is also a custom to send greeting cards___ valentines.
    a. called
    b. named
    c. labelled

  5. Many cards are anonymous. This means you don't know who they are___.
    a. to
    b. for
    c. from

  6. People used to believe that birds met on this day to find their mate for___.
    a. winter
    b. spring
    c. summer

  7. A modern tradition is to write a personal message in the personal___ of a newspaper.
    a. columns
    b. lines
    c. blocks

  8. A popular___ is a Cupid carrying a bow and arrow.
    a. symbol
    b. sign
    c. diagram

  9. Sending valentines used to be more___ than sending Christmas cards.
    a. traditional
    b. popular
    c. prestigious

  10. St. Valentine's Day is named___ one of two possible saints.
    a. with
    b. after
    c. from

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