L or R

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  1. There was an airplane ____ last night.
    a. clash
    b. crash

  2. Did you enjoy watching the ___ at the circus?
    a. crown
    b. clown

  3. The ___ around my house is turning green.
    a. glass
    b. grass

  4. I ___ stamps for a hobby.
    a. correct
    b. collect

  5. What is the US dollar to British pound exchange ___.
    a. late
    b. rate

  6. Many birds ___ by my house in the spring.
    a. fry
    b. fly

  7. My dress is ___.
    a. red
    b. led

  8. Can you put another ___ of laundry in the washing machine?
    a. road
    b. load

  9. Did you ___ the office door?
    a. lock
    b. rock

  10. Drinking alcohol can damage your ___.
    a. river
    b. liver

  11. The water level in the river is very ___.
    a. row
    b. low

  12. I am ___ that it won't rain on Saturday.
    a. playing
    b. praying

  13. Go down the ___ slowly in your car.
    a. lamp
    b. ramp

  14. He was barely ___ after his car crashed.
    a. alive
    b. arrive

  15. I want to pay my ___ now.
    a. bill
    b. beer

  16. There is usually more ___ in big cities.
    a. climb
    b. crime

  17. The ___ of the candle went out.
    a. frame
    b. flame

  18. Let's ___ before the forest fire comes to our farm.
    a. free
    b. flee

  19. My mother plays a ___ in an orchestra.
    a. fruit
    b. flute

  20. The wedding dress had beautiful white ___.
    a. race
    b. lace

  21. I could see the ___ of the fire at night.
    a. grow
    b. glow

  22. We need a shovel and ___ to work in the garden.
    a. lake
    b. rake

  23. It is against the ___ to park here.
    a. law
    b. raw

  24. Did you ___ today's newspaper.
    a. read
    b. lead

  25. He ___ me his car for the weekend.
    a. lent
    b. rent

  26. ___ is delicious to eat for breakfast.
    a. Rice
    b. Lice

  27. The traffic ___ turned green.
    a. right
    b. light

  28. Please put my name on the ___.
    a. wrist
    b. list

  29. It's a ___ way from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan.
    a. wrong
    b. long

  30. Which ___ is the meeting in?
    a. room
    b. loom

  31. The robber ___ the television from the shop.
    a. store
    b. stole

  32. World ___ II ended in 1945.
    a. Wall
    b. War

Copyright (C) 1997 by Larry Kelly
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