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  1. Tom is from Berlin. His nationality is ___.
    a. Germany
    b. German
    c. Dutch

  2. Anna is from Leningrad. Her nationality is ___.
    a. France
    b. French
    c. Russian

  3. David is from New York. His nationality is ___.
    a. Mexican
    b. American
    c. Canadian

  4. Sarah is from London. Her nationality is ___.
    a. British
    b. Irish
    c. Scottish

  5. Nicole is from Paris. Her nationality is ___.
    a. France
    b. French
    c. English

  6. Carlos is from Madrid. His nationality is ___.
    a. French
    b. Italian
    c. Spanish

  7. Donald is from Geneva. His nationality is ___.
    a. Switzerland
    b. Austrian
    c. Swiss

  8. Bruce is from Sydney. His nationality is ___.
    a. British
    b. Australian
    c. Austrian

  9. Keiko is from Tokyo. Her nationality is ___.
    a. Chinese
    b. Korean
    c. Japanese

  10. Dewa is from Jakarta. His nationality is ___.
    a. Japanese
    b. Indonesian
    c. Indian

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