Expressions with Come

Read the sentences and choose the best alternative.
Then click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. The idea came ___ her while she was reading "Hamlet".
    a. to
    b. about
    c. before

  2. The farmer himself came ___ the intruders.
    a. before
    b. along
    c. after

  3. I came ___ Madonna at that big hotel.
    a. about
    b. apart
    c. across

  4. The terrible scene of the crime continues to come ___ to me now and then.
    a. back
    b. between
    c. down

  5. The properties will come ___ him on his father's death.
    a. after
    b. to
    c. on

  6. Nobody wants to come ___ as a witness of the crime.
    a. over
    b. forward
    c. at

  7. The Canadian swimmer came ___ first.
    a. in
    b. round
    c. off

  8. I wonder why his experiment never came ___ .
    a. from
    b. upon
    c. off

  9. Look how beautiful it is! All the flowers are coming ___ . It's springtime.
    a. out
    b. off
    c. down

  10. He came ___ with a good solution to the problem.
    a. apart
    b. out
    c. up

  11. He was lucky to come ___ without any scratches.
    a. through
    b. under
    c. by

  12. Be careful! It's really fragile. I don't want it to come ___ in your hands.
    a. away
    b. out
    c. apart

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