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  1. If the weather forecast is fine, it's going to be ___ weather.
    a. cold
    b. wet
    c. good

  2. If the forecast is sleet, it's going to be ___.
    a. cloudy and warm
    b. hot
    c. cold and wet

  3. If the forecast is drizzle, there's going to be ___.
    a. snow
    b. light rain
    c. sunshine

  4. Hail is ___.
    a. light rain
    b. strong winds
    c. ice balls

  5. Showers are ___.
    a. light winds
    b. the sound lightening makes
    c. light rain

  6. Frost happens when it's ___.
    a. windy
    b. cold
    c. hot

  7. If the forecast is overcast, it's going to be ___.
    a. cold
    b. cloudy
    c. sunny

  8. If the weather is humid, the air is ___.
    a. cold and dry
    b. hot and dry
    c. hot and wet

  9. Strong gusts refer to ___.
    a. snow
    b. rain
    c. wind

  10. If the weather is snowy, it is ___.
    a. warm
    b. hot
    c. cold

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