U.S. Trivia

The sentences below have unusual information about the U.S. Read the sentences carefully and choose the best answer for each blank. Then click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. A "Hoosier" is a person from the state of ___ .
    a. Hawaii
    b. Indiana
    c. New York

  2. "Subs," "Po' Boys," and "Hoagies" are all kinds of ___ .
    a. rock bands
    b. basketball teams
    c. sandwiches

  3. The modern slang word "cool" means "really ___ ."
    a. interesting
    b. quiet
    c. stupid

  4. A "cheechako" is a newcomer to the state of ___ .
    a. Texas
    b. Pennsylvania
    c. Alaska

  5. Most "Pennsylvania Dutch" people in Pennsylvania actually speak ___ .
    a. Dutch
    b. German
    c. Danish

  6. The holiday when children often go "trick or treating" is ___ .
    a. Christmas
    b. Independence Day
    c. Halloween

  7. "Soda" and "pop" are general words for ___ .
    a. candy
    b. alcoholic drinks
    c. soft drinks

  8. The Phoenix Suns are a ___ team.
    a. basketball
    b. baseball
    c. soccer

  9. "Bucks," "fins," and "c-notes" refer to kinds of ___ .
    a. footwear (shoes)
    b. currency (paper money)
    c. coiffure (hair styles)

  10. The state of ___ was once a monarchy.
    a. Vermont
    b. Texas
    c. Hawaii

Copyright (C) 1996 by Dennis Oliver
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