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  1. What bitter black drink was invented by the Aztecs, but is now usually served made with milk and sugar?

  2. What soft drink is made of water, flavoring and sometimes ice cream and which was traditionally sold at a bar known as a fountain?

  3. What drink is usually made from grapes and is classified as red, white or rose?

  4. When the above drink is distilled and matured it becomes ___

  5. What alcoholic drink was originally made in Scotland or Ireland from grain?

  6. What drink is served with milk or lemon and is made by pouring boiling water over the leaves?

  7. A brown colored, carbonated alcoholic drink.

  8. What word is the collective term for any or all alcoholic drinks?

  9. What drink is made from the ground beans of a shrub?

  10. What drink is made by pressing the liquid from various fruits or vegetables?

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