Disaster Vocabulary

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  1. A violent and heavy snowstorm is called a ___

  2. When crops fail and livestock die through lack of water because of no rain there is a ___

  3. The above situation could cause massive starvation through lack of food. This situation is called a ___

  4. When the land violently moves or shakes especially around fault lines it's called an ___

  5. When the above situation causes a huge body of seawater to move in towards the shore it is known as a ___

  6. When there is a violent outbreak of lawlessness by people it's called a ___

  7. A loud noise and sometimes huge force created by something like a bomb is known as an ___

  8. A violent wind that twist round and round and causes massive destruction is called a ___

  9. A disease that spreads rapidly amongst a lot of people in the same area is called an ___

  10. Something that makes the air, rivers, or seas dirty is known as ___

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