Vocabulary Quiz-Historical Events Vocabulary

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  1. The murder of someone, usually an important politician, president or ruler for political reasons is called ___

  2. The event which causes a huge loss of life especially due to burning is called a ___

  3. If lots of people fight against a government or refuse to follow the existing authority, it's called a ___

  4. If the above was successful and the government was caused to fall, it would have been ___

  5. If something or place is found for the first time it is called a ___

  6. If something is thought-up or created for the first time it is an ___

  7. The event whereby the heir or heiress to the throne is crowned is called a ___

  8. To lose in a battle is to suffer a ___

  9. The merciless mass killing of defenseless people is an event known as a ___

  10. What two part word describes events such as typhoons, floods, droughts and earthquakes?

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