What Fruit...?

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  1. What fruit gave Sir Isaac Newton a headache and is famous in the stories of Adam and Eve?

  2. What fruit was traditionally stepped on by foot to make wine?

  3. What fruit is needed to make a 'Pina Colada' cocktail?

  4. What fruit comes in 'bunches' and has an easy to peel yellow skin?

  5. What fruit is 'Seville' famous and is used to make marmalade?

  6. What fruit would have grown on the tree that the young George Washington chopped down?

  7. What fruit are 'water', 'cantaloupe', and 'honeydew' all types of?

  8. What fruit are women likened to if they have an excess of body fat around the hips and bottom?

  9. What fruit when dried becomes a prune?

  10. What fruit is used to make jam and is served with a shortcake base in the U.S.?

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