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  1. When the flesh of a cow or bull is used as meat it's called ___

  2. This meat is sliced and served fried with eggs, sausages and bread for breakfast.

  3. What word is used for the meat of a pig when it's used as meat?

  4. Young sheep's meat is called ___

  5. The flesh of a fully grown sheep is called ___

  6. The flesh of a deer used for eating is known as ___

  7. The collective word for the flesh of animals such as rabbits, pigeons and deer hunted for sport or food is ___

  8. Roe and Caviar are the eggs of ___

  9. Roosters, hens, ducks, and turkeys when bred for food or for their eggs are collectively known as ___

  10. The bits considered less valuable of an animal such as the heart, wings, and liver that are used for food are known as ___

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