School Vocabulary

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  1. The traditional thing a teacher writes on with chalk is a ___

  2. If you are naughty in class or forgot your homework and therefore have to stay after class it means you've got a ___

  3. The break time between classes is called ___

  4. At the beginning of class the teacher calls your name to take ___

  5. The two or more divisions in the school year are called terms in British English. What are they called in American English?

  6. A class of students meeting to study a problem or have a discussion is called a ___

  7. The bound volume you study from is called a ___

  8. When it's all over and you've passed the exams, the last ceremony is your ___

  9. The word used to join a class is to ___

  10. The head teacher of a school is called a ___

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