Educational Subjects

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  1. The subject which covers drawing, painting, and sculpture is called ___

  2. The subject which includes equations, fractions, addition and subtraction is ___

  3. The study of land forms and population growths are included in ___

  4. The study of the periodic table, gasses, liquids, acids and alkalis is called ___

  5. The study of motion, mechanics and energy is part of ___

  6. The study of composers, concerto's quavers and blue notes is all included in ___

  7. The subject of what has happened to the cultures and countries of the world is ___

  8. Money, banking, the country's growth patterns and taxation are all studies in ___

  9. The natural world and the study of life and plant forms is called ___

  10. Running, playing tennis, and other sports are part of ___

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