Transportation Nouns

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  1. It travels under the sea and a yellow one was made famous in a Beatles' song and it's called a ___

  2. This animal is often called the ship of the dessert and has either one or two humps and is called a ___

  3. A plane that is designed to fly without an engine and is towed into the sky by another plane is a ___

  4. The big ships and trucks designed to carry large quantities of oil or petrol are called ___

  5. The wooden thing that husky dogs pull behind them is called a ___

  6. The person who flies an airplane or helicopter is called a ___

  7. A bike with three wheels is called a ___

  8. A bike with one wheel is called a ___

  9. A car which has a roof which can be opened and folded away is called a ___

  10. The place where ships come to unload and load cargo is called a ___

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