What Vegetable?

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  1. ___ are also known as a love apple, is red and juicy and is strictly speaking a fruit.

  2. ___ is made into flakes for breakfast cereals, is yellow on the inside and covered with green leaves.

  3. ___ are made into lanterns on Halloween and into pie on Thanksgiving?

  4. ___ is famous for giving Popeye his strength?

  5. ___ are loved by Bugs Bunny and are good for your eye.

  6. ___ are used in Russia and Eastern Europe to make a famous red soup called Borsch?

  7. ___ are made into chips in the U.K. and into French fries in the U.S.A?

  8. Broad, runner, navy, soy, and lima are all varieties of___

  9. ___ is said to keep vampires away (and most other people too!).

  10. ___ come is many colors and different strengths of hotness?

Copyright (C) 1996 by Letitia Bradley
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