"What?" Quiz

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  1. What swims in rivers, lakes and the sea and has fins and scales?

  2. What builds a nest, has feathers and wings and can fly?

  3. What has fur and whiskers and likes to catch mice?

  4. What makes a web, has eight legs and likes to catch flying insects?

  5. What has a mane, a long tail and is fun to ride?

  6. What has a very long neck and legs and dark patches on its body?

  7. What has dark stripes all over its body and looks like a horse?

  8. What is very large and has a very long trunk?

  9. What has a long neck, one or two humps on its back and is used in the desert?

  10. What is long and legless with a forked tongue?

  11. What has thick skin, is large and heavy and has one or two horns on its head?

  12. What has long ears, a short fluffy tail and hops and jumps?

Copyright (C) 1996 by Letitia Bradley
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