Active or Passive Voice

Make a choice by clicking on the radio button, then compare it with the correct answer hidden under the answer button.

  1. Everybody ___ by the terrible news yesterday.
    was shocked
  2. Mr. Green ___ at the University since 1989.
    has been teaching
    has been taught
  3. Not much ___ about the accident since that time.
    has said
    has been said
  4. A new book ___ by that company next year.
    will publish
    will be published
  5. He ___ the girl's name now.
    is remembered
  6. The secretary ___ to her new boss yesterday.
    was introduced
  7. Our plan ___ by the members of the committee.
    is being considered
    is considered
  8. He ___ responsible for the accident.
    was holding
    was held
  9. A prize ___ to whoever solves this equation.
    will be giving
    will be given
  10. When the manager arrived, the problem ___ .
    had already been solved.
    had already solved.

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