Comparative & Superlative 2

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  1. The ___ I study the ___ I know.
  2. This exercise is ___ than the previous one.
  3. Riding a horse is not ___ riding a bike.
  4. These computers are ___ than those.
  5. You are ___ teacher I've ever had.
  6. The world problems are getting ___ and ___ difficult to solve.
  7. John is ___ student in his class. All the girls want to date him.
  8. Bob is ___ than his brother.
  9. The school will be closed until ___ notice.
  10. This time he's made ___ mistakes.
  11. All the poems you selected are good, but only the ___ one will get the prize.
  12. Who is ___, Mary or Jane?
  13. Excuse me, where is ___ drugstore?
  14. Are you sure that Sydney is ___ than Anchorage?
  15. Your glasses are ___ mine.

    If you did well, you may want to try Vera Mello (vcqm@ruralsp.com.br)
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